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TBD is an organisation with value, ethics and with optimal experience and expertise in consumer durable segment with market knowledge. Conceptualisation and vision of first generation entrepreneur, it is a brainchild of two brothers Vinit Saraogi and Bipin Saraogi. We are successfully handling distribution of consumer durables of a leading Indian brand for consecutively for more than a decade and a star performer on all over India and have achieve no.1 position in the region. We are committed to deliver the best so our every product is crafted with care.



After spending more than a decade in consumer durables business, we have realized the need of the consumer as well as the business partner well. We
realized that we need to create consumer durable products which provides
optimal return on investment.

We want our products to be unique, high in quality and meet expectations
of the people who trust in our brand.Every product we design and develop
are crafted with care.

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